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Practical legal research skills take a long time to develop. It requires patience, persistence, and well practiced research methods to find all the best information about a certain area of law and to write a report about it. If you try to count on a practical legal research report example to guide you there is a chance you will miss certain essential elements of your report and fail to make a good grade on your LPC coursework assignment.
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How To Do Practical Legal Research
In the UK, there are certain standards set for those taking college law courses who are working on legal research reports. These are the main actions that will be expected of you as you work on your assignment:
– Detailed research in a specific area of law
If you are asked to do practical legal research for a case, you will have to go deep into the topic and make sure that you do not miss anything that could be relevant to the case at hand. You will be expected to take your time and study the applicable laws diligently before creating your report.
– Technical reporting on rules and principles related to a certain client’s case or scenario
Most cases of practical legal research are related to a specific case or client situation. You will be given the relevant details about this case and must report back your findings as they relate to this particular case. Everything that goes into your report should be directly related to the client.
– Leaving a traceable research trail
Arguably the most important part of your practical legal research template should be leaving a trail that can be followed by the person reading your report. Without a research trail, you cannot validate your research methods, one of the most important parts of the practical legal research LPC projects. This is a practical legal research example of what is needed for a traceable research trail:
• Terms that were searched for and what your initial searches consisted of, in terms of words or cases.
• What you found initially and how it led you to further stages of researching in this project.
• Evidence and good reason as to how one source of information led to another as you continued researching.

If you do not complete these actions at the end of the project, you will most likely not be able to receive a high mark.
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